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Crypto Mining System contact information

Unit A & B, 21/F, Mai Wah Industrial Building,
1-7 Wah Sing Street, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong
Email: sales@ivmm.com


Company: Synnex Australia Pty Ltd

Product Type: Graphics Card

URL: https://www.synnex.com.au

Contact no.: 03 8540 8888


Company: Alternate België

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://www.alternate.be/Inno3D/listings/1486040900859?sort=RELEVANCE&order=ASC&listingTitle=Inno3D

Contact no.: +32 (0)3 - 871 11 11

Sales enquiry: klantenservice@alternate.be

Company: Tones.be

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://www.tones.be/particulier/search/index?search=inno3d

Contact no.: +32 (0)15/76.80.90.

Sales enquiry: info@tones.be


Product Type: Graphics Card

Company: Computer Market

URL https://www.computermarket.bg/

Contact no.: +35970020002


Company: Beijing ZhongTian ZhengYe Technology Co., Ltd. 

Product Type: Graphics Card

Contact no.: + 86-1062103080   

Sales enquiry: sales@ivmm.com


Company: Guangzhou Socan Electronic Co., Ltd 

Product Type: Graphics Card & 3D Printer

Contact no.: +86-20-87563302

Sales enquiry: sales@ivmm.com


Company: JD.Com Inc

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://list.jd.com/list.html?cat=670,677,679&ev=exbrand_19972




Czech Republic

Company:  Alza.cz

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://www.alza.cz/graphics-cards/18842862.htm#f&cst=0&pg=1&prod=11804

Contact no.: +420 225 340 111



Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://www.caseking.de/pc-komponenten/grafikkarten/nvidia?ckSuppliers=189&ckTab=0&sSort=103 

Contact no.: +49 (0)30 - 40 36 642 - 00 

Company: Notebooksbilliger

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://www.notebooksbilliger.de/pc+hardware/grafikkarten/page/1?box_8305_2816%5B%5D=505&availability=alle

Contact: https://www.notebooksbilliger.de/infocenter/section/impressum

Company: Cyberport

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://www.cyberport.de/pc-und-zubehoer/komponenten.html?productsPerPage=24&sort=popularity&manufacturerName=Inno3D&page=1

Contact no.: +49 351 3395-60

Company: ComputerUniverse

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://www.computeruniverse.net/de/c/hardware-komponenten/grafikkarten-pci-express?specs=||Manufacturer:Inno3D 

Contact no.: 06031 / 7910-0

Hong Kong

Company: Esonex Systems Limited

Product Type: 3D Printer & Graphics Card 

URL: http://www.esonex.com.hk

Contact no.: +852 27282486

Sales enquiry: sales@esonex.com.hk




Company:  Cédrus Számítástechnikai Kft.

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: http://www.cedrus.hu/INNO3D-fINNO3D.html

Contact no.: +36 (1) 450-1266

Sales enquiry: pm@cedrus.hu


Company: Acro Engineering Company

Address: Khasra # 522/1, Village Jonapur, New Delhi 110030, India
URL: www.acrotechindia.com ; www.ant-pc.com
Contact no.: (91) 9136451830  /  (91) 9871949399

Product Type: Graphics Card 

Sales enquiry: 
saini@amigointernational.biz  /  Ashok@acrotechindia.com

After Sales service: 
sales@acrotechindia.com  /  support@acrorma.com

RMA Center
Kaizen Infoserve PVT Ltd.
Address: No. 330/1, 2A Main Road, Domlur Layout, Bangalore 560071, India
Tel: + 91-80-40903838 


Company: LDLC.com

Product Type: Graphics Card

URL: http://www.ldlc.com/inno-3d/bint000005297/

Contact no.: +33 427466000

Sales enquiry: achat@ldlc.com

Company: HardWare.fr

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://shop.hardware.fr/composants/carte-graphique/c7492/+fb-C000005297/ 

Contact no.: +33 176488800

Sales enquiry: info@hardware.fr


PT. Sempurna Utama

Product Type: Graphics Card

PHONE : +62 21 6014731, 6014121

Website : http://sempurna-utama.com

Company: PT Synnex Metrodata Indonesia

Product Type: Graphics Card

URL: https://www.synnexmetrodata.com/en/Public/Menu/Home

Contact no.: (62-21) 29345 800


Al-Taj Company

Company: Al-Taj Company

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: http://www.altajit.com/

Contact no.: +964 780 516 6157

Sales Enquiry: raid.atto@altajit.com



Company: T.D.S.D. Ltd

Product Type: Graphics Card

URL: http://www.tdsd.co.il

Contact no.: +972 3 5503340

Company: R.S.M. Computers

Product Type: Graphics Card

URL: http://www.rsm.co.il/items~6349~8333~28891.htm?Qsearch=&qmanufact=0&

Contact no.: +972 9 7440515

Company: Plonter

Product Type: Graphics Card

URL: http://www.orpc.co.il/13026-%D7%9B%D7%A8%D7%98%D7%99%D7%A1%D7%99-%D7%9E%D7%A1%D7%9A/118155-Inno3D

Contact no.: +972 3 6005525

Company: Start

Product Type: Graphics Card

URL: http://startpc.co.il/build/

Contact no.: +972 9 7737447

Company: Speed4U

Product Type: Graphics Card

URL: http://www.speed4u.co.il/items~29~148.htm#.WMVnYtJ96Ul

Contact no.: +972 3 7326630

Company: OR-PC

Product Type: Graphics Card

URL: http://www.orpc.co.il/13026-%D7%9B%D7%A8%D7%98%D7%99%D7%A1%D7%99-%D7%9E%D7%A1%D7%9A/118155-Inno3D

Contact no.: +972 3 6128027


Company: blitz micro s.r.l. 

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: http://www.blitzmicro.com

Contact no.: +39 0422 260028

Sales Enquiry: sales@blitzmicro.com

Company:  Next hardware & Software

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://www.nexths.it/v3/list.php?query=inno3d&x=0&y=0

Contact no.: 03621791801

Sales enquiry: info@nexths.it


Company: ITC Co,.Ltd.

Product Type: Graphics Card

URL: http://www.itc-web.jp/

Contact no.: +81-3-6272-6262

Sales enquiry: info@itc-web.jp



Company:  i-NOVIA CO., LTD

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: http://www.inovia.co.kr

Contact no.: +82 02 6309 1330 


Company: Victory Computers

Since 1992, we care about price, quality and service

Product Type: Graphics Card

URL: http://www.victory.kz

Contact no.: +7 (727) 380-77-89

Sales enquiry: sales@victory.kz 



Company: Compu One

Product Type: Graphics Card

URL: http://www.compuonelb.com/index-1.html



Product Type: Graphics Card

URL: http://www.amt.com.my

Contact no.: +603-3344 1124

Sales enquiry: sales@amt.com.my


Company: SimarkSupplies 

Product Type: Graphics Card & 3D Printer

URL: http://www.simarksupplies.com/Product.aspx/Search/inno3d

Contact no.: +356 21662185

Sales enquiry: info@simarksupplies.com


Company name:  Fjariltech LTD

Location(Address): Plaine Magnien 51516, Mauritius

Phone number(TEL/FAX): +230 59222407

Email: mailto: sales@fjariltech.com

Website : https://www.fjariltech.com


Company: Alternate Nederland C.V.

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://www.alternate.nl/html/product/listing.html?navId=1486040900859

Contact no.: +31 (0)180 - 44 08 44

Sales enquiry: klantenservice@alternate.nl

Company: CD-ROM-LAND

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://www.cdromland.nl/merk/inno%203d

Contact no.: +31765221814

Sales enquiry: info@cdromland.nl

Company: Megekko

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://www.megekko.nl/merk/inno%203d

Sales enquiry:  info@megekko.nl

Company: Azerty

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://azerty.nl/search-bar?keywords=inno3d#!sorting=0&limit=12&view=grid&Merk2=inno3d

Contact no.: +31 (0)572-328120

Sales enquiry: balie@azerty.nl 

Company: Informatique

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: http://www.informatique.nl/zoeken/?k=20170209&q=Inno3d&s= 

Contact no.: +31 (0)10 – 519 16 66

Sales enquiry: verkoop@informatique.nl


Company: Multicom Norge

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://www.multicom.no/searchresult.aspx?q=kw:inno3d

Contact no.: +47 370 81 000

Sales enquiry: salg@multicom.no

New Zealand

Company: Synnex New Zealand Ltd

Address: 31 Business Parade North, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013

Product Type: Graphics Card

URL: https://www.synnex.co.nz/

Contact no.: 0800 279 6639


Company: Iontech Enterprise

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: http://www.iontech-enterprise.com

Contact no.: +63 917 593 5883

Sales enquiry: jeremyjan_kua@mailgateways.com


Company: X-KOM

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://www.x-kom.pl/g-5/c/346-karty-graficzne-nvidia.html?f[manufacturers][1126]=1

Contact no.: 34 377 00 00 

Sales enquiry: x-kom@x-kom.pl

Company:  Morele

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://www.morele.net/komputery/podzespoly-komputerowe/karty-graficzne-12/,,,,,2323,,,0,,,,/1/

Contact no.: +48 801 000 861

Company:  eMAG

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://www.emag.pl/karty-graficzne/brand/inno3d/c

Contact no.: +48 22 335 00 00

Sales enquiry: sklep@emag.pl

Company:  Komputronik

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://www.komputronik.pl/category/12560/karty-graficzne-nvidia-geforce.html?prod%5B%5D=1315&filter=1#!#products-list

Contact no.: +48 61 668 00 07

Sales enquiry: sklep@komputronik.pl


Company: Assismática - Equipamentos Informáticos, Lda.

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: http://www.assismatica.pt/categoria/nvidia/produto/inno3d-geforce-gtx-1060-3gb-compact-n1060-2ddn-l5gn-_1804081.aspx

Contact no.: +351 217 510 210

Sales enquiry: comercial@assismatica.pt

Company: Limifield S.A.

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://www.limifield.pt

Contact no.: +351-252-490110

Sales enquiry: Camilo.moreira@limifield.pt


Company:  PC Garage

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://www.pcgarage.ro/placi-video/inno3d

Contact no.: 021 365 65 65


Company: OGO!

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://ogo1.ru/market/videokartu/?SECTION_CODE=videokartu&filter%5BPROPERTY_vendor%5D%5B%5D=12114

Contact no.: +7 495 229-56-53

Sales enquiry: ogo@ogo1.ru


Company: MegaBit

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://msk.megabitcomp.ru/catalog/videokarty/inno3d/

Contact no.: +8 (800) 777-83-91

Sales enquiry: sale@megabitcomp.ru

Company: OLDI

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://www.oldi.ru/catalog/6571/inno3d/

Contact no.: +7 495 22 11 111

Sales enquiry: oldi@oldi.ru

Company: DNS-Shop

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://www.dns-shop.ru/catalog/17a89aab16404e77/videokarty/?p=1&mode=list&brand=brand-inno3d

Contact no.: +8 (800) 7707 999 

Company:  Regard

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: https://www.regard.ru/catalog/filter/?id=NDAzNzswLDYx

Contact no.: +8 (800) 250-41-58

Sales enquiry: sales@regard.ru

El Salvador

Company: G Group, S.A. de C.V.

Product Type: Graphics Card

Contact no. (503) 2233-7600

E-mail: wgrijalva@ggroupelsalvador.com


Saudi Arabia

Company: Memory Technology Company

Product Type: Graphics Card

Contact no. +966126531084   Ext 265

E-mail: info@mtc-ksa.com

Company: PC Doctor

Product Type: Graphics Card

URL: https://pcd.com.sa/?product_cat=0&s=inno3d&post_type=product


Contact no.: + 966550730688

Sales enquiry: info@pcd.com.sa



Company: AUSSAR

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: http://www.aussar.es/tarjetas-graficas/inno3d-ichill-geforce-gtx-1080-x4-8gb-gddr5.html

Contact no.: +34 673776640

Company:Azken Muga

Product Type: Graphics Card

URL: https://www.azken.com/

Contact no.: +34 91 146 17 60  


Company: FUSLink Corporation

Product Type: Graphics Card

URL: http://www.fuslink.com.tw/index.aspx

Contact no.: (02)2223-8200



Company: Rozetka.UA

Product Type: Graphics Card

 URL: http://rozetka.com.ua

Sales enquiry: sales@rozetka.com.ua

Company: Repka.UA

Product Type: Graphics Card

URL: https://repka.ua


Company: ELKO Ukraine

Product Type: Graphics Card 

URL: http://www.elko.ua



Product Type: Crypto Mining System

Company address: 2-nd Borysa Gmyri str., Kyiv, Ukraine

URL: http://www.panexpotrade.com/

Contact: sales@panexpotrade.com

Company: Brain

Product Type: Graphics Card

URL: https://brain.com.ua/category/Vydeokarty-c1403/filter=3-75027200000,584-86016899900/

Contact no.: +380 0 800 216 800

United Kingdom

Company: Overclockers uk

Product Type: Graphic Card

URL:  https://www.overclockers.co.uk/search?sSearch=inno3d

Contact no.:  +44 1782 44 44 55

Company: Box.co.uk

Product Type: Graphic Card

URL:  https://www.box.co.uk/products/keywords/inno3d/ex/true

Contact no.:  +44 121 202 0030

Sales enquiry:  Salesteam@box.co.uk

Company: CCL Online

Product Type:  Graphic Card

URL:  https://www.cclonline.com/category/1/cclonline/manufacturer-124-INNO3D/

Contact no.:  +44 1274 471201

Sales enquiry:  sales@cclonline.com

United States

Company: Newegg.com



Product Type: Graphics Card

URL: http://www.datex.uz/ru/product/category/inno3d 

Contact no.: +998712861995

Sales enquiry: email-SALES@DATEX-SYS.COM



Company:SPC Computer Joint Stock Company

Product Type: Graphics Card

URL: http://www.spc.com.vn/component/customfilters/thi%E1%BA%BFt-b%E1%BB%8B-%C4%91%E1%BB%93-h%E1%BB%8Da/inno3d

Contact no.: 03 8540 8888