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Hong Kong – Sep 3, 2021 – INNO3D, a leading manufacturer of pioneering high-end multimedia components and innovations brings you the new INNO3D GeForce RTX™ 3080 Ti and RTX 3080 iCHILL BLACK with Hybrid cooling solution that combines super-silent air-flow with ultimate water-cooling. The latest GPUs to receive the iCHILL BLACK treatment comes with 12GB GDDR6X at a bit-rate of 384bit and a boost clock rate at 1710MHz for the RTX 3080 Ti. The RTX 3080 comes with 10GB GDDR6X with 320bit and a boost clock rate at 1770MHz.

Founded in 1998 with the vision of developing pioneering computer hardware products on a global scale. Fast forward to the present day, INNO3D is now well-established in the gaming community known for our innovative and daring approach to design and technology. We are Brutal by Nature in everything we do and are 201% committed to you for the best gaming experience in the world.

Powered by the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti delivers an incredible leap in performance and fidelity with acclaimed features such as ray tracing, NVIDIA DLSS performance-boosting AI, NVIDIA Reflex latency-reduction, NVIDIA Broadcast streaming features and additional memory that allows it to speed through the most popular creator applications as well. The GeForce RTX 3080 represents the greatest GPU generational leap in the history of NVIDIA which delivers increases of up to 1.9X performance-per-watt over the previous generation, the RTX 30 Series effortlessly powers graphics experiences at all resolutions.

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The iCHILL BLACK is designed with a metal case with a 9cm and a 12cm radiator fan with an entirely new architecture enhancing the way the card is cooled. The embedded heatpipes absorbs the heat from the memory effectively as the 2 heatpipes transfer heat from memory to the heat spreader while the active fan for the memory heatsink also keeps the card super cool.

The iCHILL BLACK’s durable tubes maintain elasticity whilst under extreme temperatures with high resistance to corrosion and permeation. The Hybrid cooling solution makes it possible to squeeze every single drop of performance out of the highest performing components. It not only results in an awesome performing product, it also runs at extremely low noise levels.

Years of R&D has allowed INNO3D to make technological advancements, continously pushing the boundaries and bolster their expertise in the GPU industry. It has elevated INNO3D  to a point that makes a difference for high-end gamers and design creation professionals achieving high performance with outstanding temperature control and at super quiet noise levels.

INNO3D is now working hard to make the new INNO3D GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3080 iCHILL BLACK GPUs available at all premium resellers across the region. For more information about INNO3D products, please visit www.inno3d.com or contact sales@inno3d.com or marketing@inno3d.com.

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