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    i-Chill is ready for 8 series technology with Xstriker3
      For Immediate Release :  

    Hong Kong 30th April, 2007 – The long anticipated Inno3D® i-Chill series is now built with 8 series GPU technology for state-of-the-art top quality performance. It is crafted with the new innovating cooler, the Xstriker3 that is uniquely designs for passive and active cooling solutions. The Xstriker3 is the first cooler that is specially designed for Inno3D® i-Chill series and built to increase air circulation more efficiently for extreme gaming.

    Inno3D® i-Chill 8 series is built with top-notch quality, which includes faster core speeds; a gold plated DVI & TV out connector that allows better signal quality; top quality OS-CON capacitors; aluminum ramsinks to stabilize memory; a full game bundle and 3 years warranty. The i-Chill 8 series will also be available with Zalman & Arctic Cooling solutions.



    Core Clock (MHz)

    Memory Clock (MHz)

    GF 8600GTS DDR3



    GF 8600GT DDR3



    GF 8500GT DDR3



    GF 8500GT DDR2



    Inno3D® i-Chill mainstream 8 series has reached over expectation and beats the 3DMark06 benchmark scores in comparison to the reference speeds as shown in the below comparison table. It is equipped and built with top quality features to run a smooth game play.

    Inno3D® i-Chill Xstricker3 is exclusively assembled with 3 main features which include:-

    1.      Air Boost Technology – this is based on Bernoulli’s Principle which states that during steady air pressure all air particles that pass any given point follow the same path at the same speed. Hence increase and decrease in the same velocity occurs simultaneously with air pressure or a change in the airflow gravitational potential energy.

    2.      Heatpipe Technology - features copper base heatpipes filled with liquid material that extend directly from the GPU centre to provide heat conductivity and vaporizes heat transfer. The Aluminum fins are specially designed to allow air flow pass through easily and remove heat efficiently.

    3.      Silent Cooler with large Air Flow – features combination of passive and active cooling solutions. The silent cooling fan allows air circulation from the center and sides of the card and is built with systematic noise reduction.

    The below chart evaluates the temperature with the normal reference cooler and the i-Chill Xstriker3. Whilst running both cards simultaneously for 60 minutes, it illustrates that both coolers have a steady temperature rate that gradually increases over time. However the Xstriker3 is able to maintain a lower temperate level and is remarkably cooler.

    Inno3D® mainstream 8 series is built with the most advance technology and realistic features. So do not settle for the old generation and get your hands on the Inno3D® GeForce™ 8600GTS, GF 8600GT & 8500GT and you will be amazed with what 8 series technology has to offer. For more information please visit our website on or .
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