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    20% cooler with "i-Chill" NV Silencer 6


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    Hong Kong 1st February 2007 – Inno3D® “i-Chill” range launches their first new baby in 2007, the overclocked range with NV Silencer 6 cooling fan. Inno3D® “i-Chill” have joined forces with Arctic Cooling, the Swiss leaders in creating thermal cooling solution for PC that specialize in GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) cooling whilst reducing the noise level.

    The NV Silencer 6 has won numerous awards from many top international reviewers and has gain an affirmative reputation as being the best thermal cooling solution in the industry. The NV Silencer 6 produces a very strong airflow and prevents your PC from overheating whilst hot air is removed. 

    Main features of NV Silencer include:-

    High Service Life (L10 at 30°C:274000h)

    • The ARCTIC Ceramic Bearing (alloy bearing and Ceramic shaft) provides fans with an outstanding service life

    Unique Cooling Performance

    • Highest fin surface area and a 2.5mm thick copper base achieves best cooling performance at its noise level

    Ripple Noise Solution

    • A filter is integrated into the PCB to reduce the noise generated from the motor

    Extremely Quiet

    • A large fan and optimized fan blades offer a minimum noise level at a high air flow

    DHES (Direct Heat Exhaust System)

    • Draws cool air from inside the case and exhausts warm air outwards. This prevents the fan from recycling warm air to cool the GPU, which increase performance.
    • Lowers the air temperature inside the case, because the heat of the GPU will be carried out directly

    By using an Inno3D® graphics card sample we carry out the comparison test with a reference cooler and the NV Silencer 6 with 3DMark06 testing. As seen in the graph below the temperature has lowered at least 20°C when running with the NV Silencer 6 and delivers a smoother game play for end-users.

    So why settle for reference cooling when now you have an enhanced cooling option that meets your gaming needs. Build ready for Windows Vista - gaming is never the same once you have tried the “i-Chill” series. For more information please visit our website

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