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    Inno3D® introduces the WAVE for passive cooling solutions – 0 dB silent


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    Hong Kong 28th February, 2007 – InnoVISION Multimedia Limited introduce the Wave for passive cooling solutions to their Inno3D® mainstream 7 series. It is the best solution for not only system integrators but also professional graphic designers who like to work in a quiet environment.

    The main advantage for passive cooling is that it generates zero noise whilst continuously cooling your area of your graphics card. As shown in the below table the comparison between passive cooling and active cooling, you can see that the cooling performance is both effective and stable.

    The main features for the Inno3D® Wave design include:-

    1.        Curve Wave design – is uniquely designed to penetrate heat from top to bottom of the PCB and also circulates heat in and out. (Refer to the diagram)

    2.        Clipping Arm – is clipped securely onto the top part of the PCB in order to help absorb heat (Refer to the diagram)

    3.        Double sided Aluminum Extrusion Fins – increases surface area consecutively to radiate heat efficiently (Refer to the diagram)

    4.        Raise specific heat capacity – lowers temperature increment i.e. is the measure of the heat energy required to raise the temperature of a specific quantity of a substance by a certain amount.

    The Inno3D® Wave is the perfect solution for silent cooling. It is ready and equipped to the mainstream 7 series. For more information for passive cooling solutions please visit or contact our sales representative.


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