Hong Kong 18th February, 2013 - Inno3D is excited to announce the bundle promotion with Furturemark for 3DMark11. From

18th February 2013, users will get a free 3DMark11 Advanced Edition key for every Inno3D GeForce iChill series graphics card or

the newest NVIDIA flagship powerhouse graphics card purchased. Customers can use the latest Inno3D graphics card to

enjoy the mesmerising visual effects of DirectX11 using 3DMark11.


3DMark11 uses a native DirectX11 engine designed to make extensive use of all the new features in DirectX11, including

tessellation, compute shaders and multi-threading.


3DMark 11 is the latest version of the world’s most popular benchmark. Designed to measure your PC’s gaming performance

3DMark 11 makes extensive use of all the new features in DirectX 11 including tessellation, compute shaders and multi-

threading. Trusted by gamers worldwide to give accurate and unbiased results, 3DMark 11 is the best way to consistently and

reliably test DirectX 11 under game-like loads.


Benchmark presets offer a convenient way of scaling the benchmark load to provide relevant results for all levels of hardware.

These pre-selected combinations of settings represent successively more advanced levels of visual quality. When running

3DMark 11 with one of the presets selected, the benchmark produces a score for that preset. The 3DMark score is calculated

differently for each preset which means that scores are not comparable across different presets. The bundle will be available

while stocks lasts!



Offline result management

By default 3DMark 11 submits and stores your benchmark results online on the 3DMark website. If you have 3DMark 11 Advanced Edition you can also choose to save your result files to your hard drive or another local offline location.

Benchmark looping

This setting allows to the benchmark to repeat a user defined number of times. Benchmark looping is an effective way to test the stability of a system after upgrading or overclocking a component.

Online features

The 3DMark 11 benchmark is complemented by a suite of online services on 3DMark.com that offer additional features and tools. Access to these services is free for all 3DMark 11 users though the features on offer vary depending on the edition used.

Your own personal account

A personal account allows you to save your results in one place, edit descriptions and comments as well as granting access to all the features and tools available.

Search and compare results

One of the most common questions from users after running a benchmark is "Is my score OK?" The 3DMark online service lets you browse, search and compare results from millions of other users. In addition, every time you submit a result you will see a simple chart showing how your score compares to those from others with similar hardware.

Unlimited results storage

The 3DMark 11 online service allows you to store your benchmark results for reference at a later date. 3DMark 11 Advanced Edition users can store an unlimited number of results online.