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  • VEXT
  • Hong Kong 15th August, 2011
    To continue with the success of the Game Pack story so far, the project development will stretch to the Inno3D GTX550Ti, which adds to the current line up of GTX570 and GTX560Ti. It of course will not be an ordinary GTX550Ti, but will be equipped with a multi-display design which supports 3 monitor output. This is achieved with the Integrated Device Technology (IDT ) chipset that allows the GTX550Ti to show off it's immense graphics power across a 3 monitor setup display.
    Other features such as an acquired programmable digital PWM which essentially enables power increments to be summoned at will. There is a 6 phase power band for the best OC performance and stability to ensure continuous and uninterrupted delivery of vivid graphics power for you to game. There is also an option of 1-phase to 2-phase PSI for light load highlighting an excellent balancing between OC and power saving ability. The fan follows up with the success of the detachable HerculeZ from iChill which allows the fan case and blade to be removed for easy access to cleaning.
    The GTX550Ti is the ultimate diversifying card which allows one to choose between power saving up to demanding graphics power, while boasting a multi-display capability for the best gaming setup for the ultimate gamer out there.