Review: INNO3D GeForce GTX 1060 Gaming OC by HWLegend



Inno3D has kindly supplied a GTX 1060 Gaming OC 6GB, solution what it ranks in the upper middle range of the market, being able to count not only on the newest NVIDIA GP106-400 graphics processor, based on the interesting architecture Pascal, but also on a System Exclusive dissipation of heat, the kind owner, marked not only by a very attractive aesthetic appearance, but above all by good performance and quiet operation.

The Inno3D engineers, have paid particular attention in the implementation and development of what we can define an excellent heat sink, able to ensure the maintenance of good operating temperatures. The result is a graphics card that is fresh and extremely quiet even after hours of intensive use, albeit marked by operating frequencies significantly greater than those provided by NVIDIA for the reference.

Removing the video card we have no great surprises, indeed, there the excellent care of all the components is evident Appeared assemblies. The PCB, as we have seen in the course of our article, is extremely nice and distinguished by a clean and orderly layout. The quality of discrete components is quite good and quite capable not only to meet the energy demands required, but Also to Ensure a good margin for overclocking.

The Inno3D 1060 GTX OC Gaming 6GB is available on the Italian market at an average price of approximately € 270.00 VAT because online than most competing products marked with similar technical characteristics, as well as being partly justified by the quality made up construction and the presence of a dissipation of the system very efficient and extremely quiet owner. We are fully satisfied with this new graphics solution!